How I Learned to Start Juicing and Stop Making Excuses!


I’ve been reading articles about juicing for years. The benefits seem endless, and definitely like something I would like in my life. Who wouldn’t want to lose weight, lower blood pressure, improve your skin? I was easily convinced of the benefits, but the actual execution of the thing remained a mystery. I would endlessly watch videos of people chopping, freezing, squeezing, and arguing about things like the correct combinations and amounts of ingredients, organic versus non-organic, and a thousand other seemingly unimportant details, which each “expert” insisted was the key to successfully juicing. The amount of varying information was astounding, and more than a little intimidating.


What confused me the most was the business of choosing a juicer. Terms like centrifugal, single gear, and ejection type were thrown around as though everyone knew exactly what they meant. I did not! The articles I found on specific types of juicers always touted their type and brand as best, and would give lengthy reasons for their reasoning. I was afraid to just go out and buy a juicer. Prices can range anywhere from as low as $30 to as high as $500 or more, and I didn’t want to go out and waste money on something that potentially didn’t work for my needs.

Seeing my confusion, my dear spouse took me to a local health food store. The staff there were able to show us several different juicers they had for sale, and took the time to explain the differences, pros and cons of each. With their knowledge and patience, we were able to choose the best juicer for our needs. It’s not the biggest, fanciest, or most expensive, but it allows us to make fresh juices at any time of the day. The juicer we chose is also ultra easy to clean, which was an important selling point to me.

With a little patience, research, and the right help, choosing the best juicer for you and your family doesn’t need to take years.

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I Made Baguettes!

Hey gals, I bought a bread machine earlier and today I made some baguettes after looking at this video, so I thought I’d share it here and if you have a bread machine you may want to try it out!

If you want a more detailed recipe, I got mine from this bread machine baguette guide. It says that the recipe is from Zojirushi and my bread machine turns out to be a Zojirushi too! I had to use the 1 pound version because I’m going to eat all those baguettes by myself.

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How I Came to be Driven In A Limousine-Kitchen Knives

The one thing I love about parties is that there are lots of drinks and food that go around the place. The fact that that there are lots of people to meet is a plus because here is where I strike business deals. I love parties because being a professional cook I come to learn more about the latest trends in cutlery; kitchen knives, cups, plates, and just about anything in this range. It’s here that I make new friends too!


It was a rare gesture when Jeniffer my childhood friend invited me to her birthday party-and went straight away to hire me to head the catering team. I was really humbled because of the fact that she was the wife to Senator Brown-I was really honored! She confirmed to me that everything was ready and had only to get my team ready. She lamented that the catering company she hired had cancelled the contract at the last minute throwing everything into disarray.

I hurriedly called an impromptu meeting of all my team members and briefed them abot the task at hand. In the evening, we stormed Senator Brown residence and after security checks we headed staright to the kitchen. She had told me that everything that I ever needed for my services was in the ultra-modern kitchen so I need not to worry. However, she was dead wrong! Yes, there was everything you could think about-but no kitchen knives around. I called her and informed her about the situation. She panicked and called her cook who was off that particular day, she too was unreachable.

As time went by and no sign of success, she grew more restless. Monday being a holiday there was no way she could buy any kitchen knives. I had to jump in and told her that I have several sets of kitchen knives in my house and could go and pick the pieces. She was so delighted and ran short of words. She called one of her private bodygaurds and requested her to accompany me, while the chauffer was just given a simple command. I had never driven in limousine before and here “kitchen knives issues” were making my day!

It wasn’t long before we arrived at my place and without wasting time I rushed in my house and picked the knives. All types that I could lay my hands on; chef’s knives, pairing knives, mincing knives, serrated boning, fillet, frozen, and cleaver knives. It was easier for me to spend a short time because I am the kind of person who is very organized. In less than an hour, I was back at Official residence of Senator Brown and when she saw me it was all smiles! If you’re searching for the top best kitchen knives, this quick guide for buying the best kitchen knives might be helpful for you in making decision

More: Knife Skills

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Choosing a Bread Machine Is Not As Simple As You Think

What would you expect to have on your bread maker? Versatile features? Excellent designs? If you ask my opinion, then I will need both of them. A bread maker unit should be the one with lots of features that allow me to make many kinds of breads, pizza, croissant and all kinds of bakery products that you could get on your favorite bakeries. But, I am a perfectionist, who also loves to show off my appliances to my relatives and friends. At this moment, my bread maker is classified as the best bread maker that can knead dough well, in which it always gets excellent reviews from buyers. It is not too expensive for its massive features, though it is not cheap at all—as I have to save money for nearly half a year to get it. But, for me, the most important thing about having a bread machine an easy-to-clean feature. Nothing is more important than that, you know what I mean.


Size Matters

In this case, a size of a bread maker may be the consideration for some homeowners. It may not relate to its overall features, but it is more about its fitting. A smaller kitchen does not need a large size of a bread machine, as you will get upset in placing other kitchen utensils.

We are lucky to live in an era where all manufacturers understand this condition. They must have known that there are lots of bread maker users, who live in an apartment. They launched a small-sized bread machine with a huge versatility from custom program buttons, yeast dispenser, clear LED display for easier options in choosing the right program, viewing window and so forth. Of course, we can expect them from reputable brands like Breadman bread machines.

For me, a bread machine or a bread maker, whatever you call it, is a matter of lifestyle. If you really want to save much of your money to get your favorite bread or pizza, then you have to be very wise in choosing the one that you can afford, without taking its overall features for granted.

Read this article by Hillbilly Housewife.

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Craving For A Microwave


A microwave is one of the most essential kitchen appliances that you should never lack in your kitchen. If you are lacking one, then you can’t consider yourself to have a modern kitchen. But the fact that you are craving to have one in your kitchen doesn’t mean you will always get the best microwave oven. So, what can you do in order to get the best microwave? As leading appliance analysts, we would encourage you to read numerous reviews in order for you to be familiar with a host of most versatile microwaves oven on the market. Please read the reviews of the best microwave ovens to guide you.

Panasonic Genius

Panasonic has been churning out some of best electronics on the market, with this microwave oven being among them. The 1,2oo appliances feature an Inverter Technology that is designed for consistent and even cooking. It comes with a tactile keypad panel for purposes of easy programming. It also comes with a stainless steel coated interior and a silver exterior.

Sharp R-820JS

The 900-watt convection microwave offers awesome crisping and browning capabilities. It is one of the most affordable alternatives on the market today. It prides its 12-dgit interactive display, 7 automatic cook settings and an auto-touch convenience. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Kenmore 79202 Elite White

The 1,000 –watts microwave oven is designed for precise cooking. It comes with an LCD display and an auto shutoff technology. It is spacious enough to roast a whole turkey and also cook a variety of foods ranging from meats to vegetables. It comes with a 3 years limited warranty.

Oster OGB5902

The 900 microwave oven features 10 variable power levels. It further features a digital clock and a digital timer. The appliance is built to world-class electrical standards. It is revered for featuring an elegant touch-menu setting that is designed to offer customized cooking. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Reveal the microwave oven –

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Decided To Purchase An Espresso Machine


Since of its inception in 1981 in Bologna, Italy, Saeco has grown into becoming one of the more well known brand associated with high quality coffee machine. It is not surprising that many coffee lovers have a Saeco coffee machine in their home. In fact, this brand is also renowned for creating high quality espresso machine.

There are many types of espresso machine under Saeco. If you are looking for the best rated espresso machine, you should consider reading through Saeco espresso machine reviews. This would help you to distinguish which machine would be the best one for you. This type of specialized machine can be quite pricey. Therefore, you should make the right choice before spending your money. Look into the many features of a Saeco machine. If it does not have the features that you preferred, you can opt for one that has. The other machine might cost more but it would provide you with greater satisfaction.


By reading through Saeco espresso machine reviews, you might realized that Saeco espresso machine have several main criteria that define the right machine.

First, the espresso machine should have an automatic frothing function. This great feature does not exist in all espresso machines. If you intend to make high quality cappuccino, frothing is necessary. You can always do it manually but an espresso machine with automatic frothing feature can process your cappucino a lot faster. Moreover, frothing is also great for other types of coffee drink. Saeco have automatic and traditional machine that provides amazing frothing feature. Read Saeco espresso machine reviews to find which model is suitable for you. This brand also provide one of the best coffee maker in the marketplace.

Even the cheaper model would have this feature so you can always buy something that is affordable. Another thing you should consider is the removable water tank. Many Saeco coffee machine have this. Standard coffee machine usually require you to transfer the water into a fixed compartment. However, this can get quite messy. If the water tank or compartment can be removed, you just fill it up and then placed it back. Some might think that this particular feature is not that important. If you rarely use your espresso machine, than it might not be such a hassle to transfer the water. However, if you use it daily and you need to speedily prepare your drink, a removable water tank is much easier to handle.

The last thing that would define the best espresso machine made from Saeco is the automatic grinder. In any other coffee machine, a grinder is essential in producing the best taste. Some model featured burr grinder that works differently from blade grinders. The high quality of the grinder allows the original flavor of coffee grounds to be preserved. This is essential in making an excellent espresso.

Saeco is a synonymous with quality espresso machine. If you are looking to buy a Saeco espresso machine, going through the three main criteria is a good decision. Most Saeco espresso machine reviews talks about these three features. It would be the perfect guideline before you delve deeper into understanding the best espresso machine.

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Cook Meals 100 Times Better with The Best Cookware


Normally, there is nobody who can testify that he/she does like eating! However, you will be surprised to learn that most people, especially working class men, do not engage in these activities of cooking. This explains why most of them would prefer taking their meals in hotels or restaurants and proceed to their homes just to have a sleep. Research has shown that they do so because they find cooking as tiresome and tedious chores. However, if provided with the necessary facilities, including the best cookware, they can cook wonderful meals 100 times better than what they have been taking all along from hotels.

To solve the above problem, kitchen experts have thought of coming up with amazing product, cookware. Nowadays, with the availability of these kitchen appliances, the trend has changed and more and more people are preparing their delicious meals right at their home-kitchens. When you go to the market to buy a cookware, you will be surprised to find a vast number of them from different designers and manufacturers. However, in most cases, many customers have little knowledge about these products and their main challenge is to select the best cookware set brand among the many.

Nevertheless, not all is ever in vain, as this article tries to shade some lights as it tries to come up with a comprehensive analysis of the best cookware available in the market that is/are recommended for someone to buy. However, before going deeper into that, it is important for every customer wishing to buy a cookware to have some buying guides or tips at his/her fingertips to make sure that he/she is going to get the best device like no other. In this regard, the following tips will be beneficial:

· Check for a cookware with a better heat conductivity
· The quality and the price
· Check for cookware that last longer-has higher durability
· Be aware of the reactivity of the metal used to make the cookware you want
· Check at its maintainability-select the one which is easy to maintain and clean

Having the above factors in mind, you would probably buy the right cookware for your kitchen. In addition, to increase the chances of making the right decision, the following are best cookware:

Tramontina 8-Piece 18/10 Stainless Steel Triply-Clad Cookware Set

This is perhaps the best cookware available in the market based on the positive reviews of previous satisfied customers. However, it is only sold in one of the leading stores, Walmart. It has a wonderful and superior construction and offers the best cooking performance at a bargain price. It has been known for its experience in distributing heat evenly while its riveted handles always stays cool. Its bargain price is just $130.

Racheal Ray Porcelain Enamel 10-Piece Cookware Set

It is the second best cookware set available in market. It offers the same even heating experience while having a good nonstick finish commonly found in more expensive models and brands. It is sold at a relatively lower price than the previous brand.

Anolon Advanced Bronze Collection 11-Piece Cookware Set

My list of the best cookware will be incomplete without mentioning the above device. Many experts in kitchens and cooking professionals say that this device is excellent in distributing heat evenly, it is easy to clean, and has an amazing nonstick surfaces. Its durability has nothing to be compared with.

The list of the best cookware currently available in the stores is just endless. However, the above stands out to be among the best offering the amazing performance like no other. Therefore, whenever you are faced with the challenge of selecting the best cookware, turn to the above analysis to get invaluable aid.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Cutting Board

Buying a cutting board but not sure which is the one for you? To get a cutting board that will last needs some research and knowledge of cutting board materials. Even expensive boards sometimes end up warping, breaking or cracking.

So what are the main things to look at when we buy a cutting board then? Well, this blog covers pretty much about choosing the best cutting boards, but here are some other tips. I think cutting space is quite important for many of us. Depending on the amount of food you usually cut at one time, and the size of your hands and knives, you can determine how big your cutting board should be. A small cutting board will make you feel cramped and food will fall off the edges all the time.

Again, that depends on how you define ‘small’. The cutting board should also sit firmly on the kitchen worktop when you use it. It is not unusual for the worktop to be wet and a lesser board will slip forward when you slice, posing an immediate hazard to your hand. This is why now cutting boards advertise safe gripper edges, base or feet. Also, a heavy cutting board is more likely to stay in its place compared to a light one. But you will want to go easy on the weight of the board, since moving the board to the sink after use is an action that you cannot avoid.

After that, durability should be looked into, although this could be difficult. Reviews may help a bit, but it could be common sense that some materials are tougher than others. All good cutting boards will develop knife wounds over time; in fact, boards that can scratch are kinder to the knives and allow for steadier cutting. But deep gashes are definitely not good as they will become a happy breeding place for bacteria, a potential source for splintering, and a food trap.

Wooden and bamboo cutting boards are known for their better accommodation for sharpest or best kitchen knives. The surface is naturally and slightly textured, just enough to keep the food and knife within hold as you cut. This is perfect when you need to cut repeatedly and quickly. Plastic cutting boards are smoother and more slippery for this. Wooden boards and bamboo boards also keep the knife sharp for a longer time (more strokes against the board) than plastic and composite boards.

The hard surface of the latter dulls the knife quickly. If you are buying wooden or bamboo cutting boards, you will find two types available – edge grain and end grain. This simply means the way the board was made. Edge grain cutting boards are cheaper; they are made with longer strips of wood or bamboo with the grain lying horizontally on the surface. End grain boards are short blocks glued together with the grain facing up.

It is contended that end grain boards are the best cutting boards you can find, since the knife wounds made on the grain fiber close up by themselves. However, it is also found that they absorb liquids much more quickly, making them susceptible to warping. It’s still down to personal preference in choosing a good cutting board, but knowing these factors will help.

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Easy Recipes for a Busy Day


I cannot tell you how many evenings I have gotten home from work and balked at the idea of having to cook a complicated dinner. Sometimes life is too busy to make anything but easy food. To save you some time, here are two delicious easy recipes straight from my kitchen! Each will feed a family of four.

Tuna salad 

This is one of my favorite easy recipes! The ingredients you will need are: lettuce, two cans of tuna, mayo, a 2.25 ounce can of sliced black olives and 3 cups of cooked shell noodles.
Step 1: boil your noddles until they al dente. You can allow them to boil as you work on the rest of the steps. When the noodles are done boiling, allow them to cool.
Step 2: mix the tuna with 2-3 tablespoons of mayo– depending upon your taste. Set aside.
Step 3: chop up the lettuce as if you were chopping it for a regular salad. You are looking for about 2 1/2 cups, unpacked.
Step 4: mix the olives, cooled noodles, lettuce and tuna together.
Step 5: enjoy!

I usually cook french bread drizzled with olive oil to go along with the tuna salad salad.

Honey nut fried chicken tenders

The ingredients you’ll needs are: 1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs, one egg, 1/3 cup milk, 3 cups crushed honey nut cheerios and cooking oil.
Step 1: cut your chicken into thick strips.
Step 2: beat the egg in with the milk
Step 3: put about a half inch of cooking oil into a frying pan, and begin heating it on medium.
Step 4: dip one chicken strip into the milk and egg mixture, and then roll it in the honey nut cheerios.
Step 5: place strip into heated oil. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each strip of chicken.
Step 6: cook each strip through until they are golden brown on both sides.
Step 7: enjoy!

See, dinner doesn’t have to be difficult to be delicious!

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