How I Came to be Driven In A Limousine-Kitchen Knives

The one thing I love about parties is that there are lots of drinks and food that go around the place. The fact that that there are lots of people to meet is a plus because here is where I strike business deals. I love parties because being a professional cook I come to learn more about the latest trends in cutlery; kitchen knives, cups, plates, and just about anything in this range. It’s here that I make new friends too!


It was a rare gesture when Jeniffer my childhood friend invited me to her birthday party-and went straight away to hire me to head the catering team. I was really humbled because of the fact that she was the wife to Senator Brown-I was really honored! She confirmed to me that everything was ready and had only to get my team ready. She lamented that the catering company she hired had cancelled the contract at the last minute throwing everything into disarray.

I hurriedly called an impromptu meeting of all my team members and briefed them abot the task at hand. In the evening, we stormed Senator Brown residence and after security checks we headed staright to the kitchen. She had told me that everything that I ever needed for my services was in the ultra-modern kitchen so I need not to worry. However, she was dead wrong! Yes, there was everything you could think about-but no kitchen knives around. I called her and informed her about the situation. She panicked and called her cook who was off that particular day, she too was unreachable.

As time went by and no sign of success, she grew more restless. Monday being a holiday there was no way she could buy any kitchen knives. I had to jump in and told her that I have several sets of kitchen knives in my house and could go and pick the pieces. She was so delighted and ran short of words. She called one of her private bodygaurds and requested her to accompany me, while the chauffer was just given a simple command. I had never driven in limousine before and here “kitchen knives issues” were making my day!

It wasn’t long before we arrived at my place and without wasting time I rushed in my house and picked the knives. All types that I could lay my hands on; chef’s knives, pairing knives, mincing knives, serrated boning, fillet, frozen, and cleaver knives. It was easier for me to spend a short time because I am the kind of person who is very organized. In less than an hour, I was back at Official residence of Senator Brown and when she saw me it was all smiles! If you’re searching for the top best kitchen knives, this quick guide for buying the best kitchen knives might be helpful for you in making decision

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