How I Learned to Start Juicing and Stop Making Excuses!


I’ve been reading articles about juicing for years. The benefits seem endless, and definitely like something I would like in my life. Who wouldn’t want to lose weight, lower blood pressure, improve your skin? I was easily convinced of the benefits, but the actual execution of the thing remained a mystery. I would endlessly watch videos of people chopping, freezing, squeezing, and arguing about things like the correct combinations and amounts of ingredients, organic versus non-organic, and a thousand other seemingly unimportant details, which each “expert” insisted was the key to successfully juicing. The amount of varying information was astounding, and more than a little intimidating.


What confused me the most was the business of choosing a juicer. Terms like centrifugal, single gear, and ejection type were thrown around as though everyone knew exactly what they meant. I did not! The articles I found on specific types of juicers always touted their type and brand as best, and would give lengthy reasons for their reasoning. I was afraid to just go out and buy a juicer. Prices can range anywhere from as low as $30 to as high as $500 or more, and I didn’t want to go out and waste money on something that potentially didn’t work for my needs.

Seeing my confusion, my dear spouse took me to a local health food store. The staff there were able to show us several different juicers they had for sale, and took the time to explain the differences, pros and cons of each. With their knowledge and patience, we were able to choose the best juicer for our needs. It’s not the biggest, fanciest, or most expensive, but it allows us to make fresh juices at any time of the day. The juicer we chose is also ultra easy to clean, which was an important selling point to me.

With a little patience, research, and the right help, choosing the best juicer for you and your family doesn’t need to take years.